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Covers for Hot Tubs

Covers help protect your hot tub or spa from debris, keep water from evaporating, and even avoid heat loss. They are an important part of owning a spa, but the one your hot tub comes with may not be ideal. Purchasing covers for hot tubs is pretty easy if you know a few basic things about your options and requirements.

Any cover will help with the issues of debris, evaporation, and to a certain extent, heat loss. However, more highly rated, thicker covers will be more useful in preventing heat loss. People who keep their spas heated most of the time will find that their utility bills decrease considerably after putting on an appropriate cover.

Covers for hot tubs are typically made from a combination of foam and vinyl. The foam is usually shaped with a taper, so that the cover is thicker in the middle than on the edges. This allows water to run off, so that rain does not build up on the cover and collapse it into your spa.

When you order a custom cover for your hot tub, you will be asked to provide measurements. This is easy if you have a square, rectangular, or round tub, but becomes a bit more complicated when your spa is an unusual shape. Most companies will be happy to talk you through the process if you don’t know how to describe your tub.

If you are replacing an existing cover that fits well, it is often easiest to lay the cover upside right on a piece of paper and trace the edges. Measure your spa as well, in order to get the best possible fit. In cases where the correct measurement is hard to determine, always go with the options that provides more coverage. A cover that is too big will only extend beyond where you want it, while a cover that is too small will not do its job.

Many covers have a skirt which hangs down over the edges of the tub. This provides coverage for the acrylic portion of the hot tub, and makes the entire appearance more aesthetically pleasing. It provides no insulation and does not affect the function of the cover. In order to determine the ideal length of the skirt, measure from the top of the tub down to the edge of the acrylic.

Cleaning your spa is a real pain, and having an appropriate cover reduces the need to do so. It can also significantly lower your electricity bill in most cases. Remember to contact your hot tub cover provider directly if you are unsure of the measurements, because they want to get it right the first time as much as you do.